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Christ first.

Education second to none.


Salman Khan (founder of Khan Academy) recently said,


"To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Along with reading and writing, the ability to program is going to define what an educated person is."


At Banner Christian we are looking toward the future.  All students K-5,  as well as students in our middle and upper school computer classes, will begin learning coding starting in the 2017-18 school year.


Computer coding is the universal language of the planet. People who know how to code will be able to communicate across countries and cultures, be innovative, and solve problems more efficiently, with no barriers to impede their success. Learning programming at a young age helps your children solve everyday problems and get set up for a lifetime of opportunities.

Our computer lab has gone

Technology and it's role in every day life are changing at a lighting-fast pace.  We here at Banner Christian School believe that teaching our students how to use technology provides fundamental skills that they will need to excel in the real world.  That is why we have Chromebooks for our computer lab and are providing a email address to every student.  This will open up opportunities for teachers to implement new strategies and to take advantage of technology to ensure the best education for our students.  When in the computer lab, students will use their email address to log onto the chromebooks.  This allows for more individualized treatment of students by tracking their specific progress in various skill sets.


Don't Worry. Students will only be able to send and receive emails within the domain.  That means they cannot send/receive emails from parents or from friends outside of the school.  The email address actually belongs to the school, not the student!  That means the school has the right to monitor any and all activity on these accounts.

Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School at Banner Christian School.  The Lower School provides a rigorous academic program within the setting of a nurturing environment for children from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Teachers serve as godly role models and teach all areas of the curriculum from a Christian worldview in a safe, loving and positive environment.  At Banner, we value each child as a unique gift from God and desire each of our students to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


Our curriculum challenges students in the traditional areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies as well as in art, drama, music, physical education, Spanish and technology.  There are various opportunities throughout the year that allow students to highlight their God-given talents and abilities, whether it is on the soccer field, through a dramatic performance, or an ACSI competition, just to name a few.  Students in the Lower School also participate in quarterly mission projects to help show the love of Christ to others in their community and around the world.


At Banner Christian School, we place a high value on parental involvement.  Parents may assist as field trip chaperones, guest readers in the classrooms, lunch room helpers, refreshment providers, and so on.  Parental participation is a key component of the educational team at Banner and is highly appreciated.


Please stop by and visit our campus.  Join us as we strive to make “Christ first…education second to none!”


Mrs. Kathy Ivill

Lower School Principal


Lower School Resources

Most Schools do not offer resource classes to their lower school students.  We believe these resources are an integral part of elementary education and, therefore, we choose to provide the following resources starting in kindergarten:


Physical Education













Middle School

Thank you for your interest in the Middle School of Banner Christian School! This is where we serve students in the sixth through eighth grades. Middle-school age students are at the life stage; not only are they striving to discover themselves socially, but they are also begging to think about things like high school, college, and what their future as adults may hold. As a Christian school, we look forward to this window of opportunity for not only building students’ knowledge through our excellent Middle School curriculum, but also for strengthening their faith and walk with the Lord.


Our teaching staff does an outstanding job of caring for the whole of our students. It has been said that middle schoolers are not who they were yesterday, and not who they’re going to be tomorrow; those teaching in the Middle School have a passion and understanding for students in that stage of life. Our academic structure is rigorous and of a high-quality. We are the only area school that holds dual-accreditation (both with ACSI and SACS). In addition to the high level education and supportive parental structure, Banner continues to operate on a Christ-centered foundation.


At Banner we offer students in the Middle School a plethora of co-curricular opportunities. Whether he or she has an interest in fine arts (like music or drama) or athletics (like basketball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, or golf), Banner can accommodate.


If you have any questions or would like to take a tour of our campus, please contact our office or email me, Travis Moore at

Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School at Banner Christian School.   The Upper School serves students in grades nine through twelve.  Our goal at Banner is to educate the whole child to the glory of God.  At the Upper School level this would emphasize a challenging college preparatory curriculum, deepening spiritual development, physical training, emotional growth and mental toughness.

     Our highly qualified faculty has developed a rigorous, comprehensive curriculum that seeks to prepare students for life.  Students are offered a number of classes, some required and some electives in all disciplines.  Banner offers Advanced Placement, Honors and Standard classes to meet the needs of students on all levels.  All faculty members are graduates of accredited colleges and universities and are certified by the Association of Christian Schools International, the largest accrediting body in Christian education.  Our Upper School teachers invest their lives in their students, seeking to serve Jesus through ministering to His children.

     Additionally, students will be challenged to develop a biblical world view.  Students will learn to defend their faith through classroom discussion, Bible class and The Christian Life Center, a weekly apologetics study with includes international speakers.  Our goal is to graduate students that enter the world equipped to stand for Christ wherever He leads.

     Upper School students have the opportunity to involve themselves in fine arts events, co-curricular sports, mentoring younger students, evangelism teams and community service.  Students at Banner develop friendships that reach far beyond the classroom.

     Banner is a school where teachers teach, students learn and parents are happy and involved.  Please stop by and visit our campus.  You may also call or email me with any questions, I would love to talk to you.  At Banner we believe in Christ first, Education second to none.


Graduation Requirements

Banner Christian School graduation requirements exceed the Virginia Department of Education suggested college admission requirements and are designed to make certain that a student will meet the minimum college entrance requirements at most universities.  Students should check the college catalogs of the schools that they are interested in attending to determine additional requirements.

Subject                                                          Units



                                                                 Standard Diploma        Certificate of Merit Diploma


Bible                                                                    4                                               4

English                                                                4                                               4

Math                                                                    3                                               4

Lab Science                                                         3                                               4

Social Science                                                     3                                               4

Foreign Language                                               2                                               3 of 1 or 2 of 2 diff. langs.

Physical Education                                              2                                               2

Computer, Communication, Speech                    1                                               1

Electives                                                              3                                               1


Total Requirements                                            25                                            27/28




* A Basic Diploma may also be consider in extreme cases but must be approved by the administration.


 Applicants for kindergarten and first grade are required to take a readiness test.  Students applying for grades 2-12 may or may not require testing.  Report cards and results of national standardized tests taken within the last 12 months are reviewed and considered.  If no such testing records are available or if additional testing is necessary, the applicant will be notified.  The testing fee is $50.00 and is payable at the time of testing.  Students must achieve a stanine score of at least five to qualify for admissions.  The testing fee is refundable if the applicant is not accepted.



Standardized Testing



All students in grades K-11 are required to take the TerraNova Test. The InView (A Measure of Cognitive Abilities) is given in addition to the TerraNova, to students in grades 2-11. The PTCS (Primary Test of Cognitive Skills) is given to K-1st.



College Preparatory Exams


The following link will take you to the calendar section of the Virginia college board web site. There you find the upcoming registration and testing dates for the SAT examinations.

SAT Calendar


The next link will take you to the calendar section of the ACT web site. There you will find the upcoming registration and testing dates for the ACT examinations.

ACT Calendar

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